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Mirrors add a touch of beauty and style while giving any area the illusion of being more spacious. Mirrors also brighten up spaces by bouncing daylight around the room and they are a beautiful way to invite depth, warmth and style to a living environment


Our types of mirrors

Our taste for things well done is also reflected in our mirrors. We use the top quality Mirror, Miralite Revolution from St Gobain, France and make sure to provide you the best service from start to finish


We can make all kinds of mirrors, from simple to more complex, while still attaining the goal of meeting your needs and requirements. With our hi-tech specialized machinery; we can create a variety of mirror designs from polished edges to decorative Bevels on straight-edged or shaped pieces, or engrave lines to give a crystal type affect. We produce the products according to individual orders.


We also do the installation for your safety and peace of mind. We have the equipment, technical knowledge, and personnel to satisfy all needs and preferences. Whether the need calls for standalone pieces or broad mirror walls, our custom fabrication capabilities will allow us to create the perfect product for your home or office.


Our mirror services include fabrication as well as installation of:

  • Vanity mirrors
  • Antique mirrors
  • Mirror walls
  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Large bathroom mirrors
  • Custom framed and unframed wall mirrors
  • Colourfull Mirror

Safety vinyl backing is optional on all mirrors and is recommended for high-risk human impact areas and for extended protection against moisture and other contaminates from walls, adhesives, etc. If the mirror is broken the protective coating will ensure fragments stay together and reduce the risk of injury.


A variety of mirror clips and alternate fixing options are available for installation of mirror.


Standard mirrors are available in thicknesses of 5mm and 6mm.


For all your mirror & customized mirror product needs, give us a call and we will ensure that your home project is a complete success.

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Antique Mirror

It is the “antique” mirror that retains the appealing and subtlety hypnotic magic, with its markings and opacities created by the passing time, reflecting a profound, uncertain, fascinating and slightly mysterious image.


Create an interesting aura in your home by using from our range of Antique Mirrors, exclusively available at Glassified. Different designs, patterns and colours are used to reflect the ‘antiqueness’ of the mirrors.


Use of Antique Mirrors’ is just not limited to décor but it can also so be used for cladding on furniture and walls not for only aesthetic purpose but also to make a protective layer.


Also, instead of using plain glass or mirror on your tables, apply Antique Mirrors to create a slight mysterious but fascinating reflection.

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Coloured Mirrors

Hardware and Accessories

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